Behavioral Assessments

One thing I have come to know through the years is that people love to learn and talk about themselves. Most people enjoy reading horoscopes and usually enjoy taking tests about their personalities.  Don’t believe me, hop onto Facebook for a while and you will see tests measuring your personality,  IQ, math skills, etc.  You can even find out what tv personality you are most like. It is fun but this information usually doesn’t cross over into real life.

Fortunately, in the corporate world there are tests that can help you and your team become more productive and successful. Healthcare EDI Partners is now certified to deliver the DNA Behavioral Management Solutions.  These management solution tools allow companies to assess their leadership teams and sales teams to better understand their underlying natural behaviors. From there, companies can then learn how to leverage their team members skill sets and underlying personalities to maximize their results. Additionally, these assessment tools can help executive teams learn to work together more effectively. They can help sales managers learn the motivating factors of their teams and get a good basic understand of the natural personalities of their most successful sales reps. Knowledge is power and understanding a team’s strengths and natural behaviors will not only benefit the company and team as a whole but also engage your team members.  Don’t worry about selling the idea of the need for behavioral assessments to your leadership, management or sales teams. That part is easy because….well, you probably guessed it…people love to learn and talk about themselves.

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