Cutting Back on Customer Support … Guess Who Gets Mad and Looks for Other Solutions?

As the blog’s name suggests, it is never a good idea to cut back on your company’s customer support if it has the potential to negatively impact your customers. It may be a good idea to readdress it and look for streamlined solutions and/or cost saving measures but if the customer negatively feels it in any way, then you have made a bad decision. This happens to companies all the time.

Often times when companies have a bad quarter and need to cut back on costs to keep revenues in line, they cut back on support. Sometimes they look for ways to save money and implement wrong technology solutions or cheaper call centers for their customer base.  Many companies think their customers won’t notice or won’t mind.  However, when they do notice and mind, a series of events always unfolds.  For instance, perhaps a customer doesn’t like a new automated customer line and/or a voice automated support line ( which I hate BTW), they do everything possible to get out of the loop to find a live person.  They do this by hanging up and starting over, trying different key prompts, trying different departments until they can get a live person. When they do get a live person, they are even more irritated than when they initially called.  During this process, guess who’s phone lines get held up, data gets manipulated? Guess who gets frustrated? Guess who thinks about other potential service suppliers?  Sometimes I have called support lines and have had an extended wait time….like 15 minutes or longer due to high volume. I understand extenuating circumstances sometimes exist but if this happens regularity, guess who gets upset? Guess who tries to find back doors into the company to get answers? Guess who hangs up and calls other lines … like sales … for help?  Guess who ultimately tries to find another solution and another vendor? Guess who’s revenues drop and starts on a race to the bottom?

So before you even think about cutting your customer support, think again. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes before you implement solutions that may cause you to lose customers.

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