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iStock_000027686055Small_WebOur team can offer one or all of the following solutions:

  • Business Development
  • Focus/Strategy
  • Brand Awareness/Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Revenue Return Strategy
  • Best Practices
  • Payer Verticals
  • Product Development
  • Executive in Residence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Assessments and Exit Strategies
  • Executive, Business and Sales Behavioral Assessments

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Healthcare EDI Partners is now certified in DNA Behavioral Management Solutions.

  • Is your leadership team working cohesively in leading your organization and/or department?
  • Are your sales leaders/team being maximized to bring in the highest results?
  • Do your sales representatives exhibit the highest result “natural” sales behaviors (i.e. Hunters) or would they be best suited in other roles (i.e. Farmers).


DNA Behavior International is a human performance solutions company helping build high performance customer centered businesses. They have become a worldwide leader in providing businesses with proprietary systems for customer centered behavioral discovery.

Healthcare EDI Partners can provide businesses with a multi-dimensional hub of human performance solutions using validated behavioral insights to “know, engage and grow” their customers and employees for providing customized life long experiences on a scalable basis.

Since 2001, DNA Behavior and it’s partners have developed a client base of over 2000 leading international corporations, Fortune 500 companies, financial services businesses and family businesses. These services have been delivered in over 47 countries and in 6 languages.

Specialties Include:

Customer engagement, Human performance, Behavioral discovery, Quality life planning, Relationship management, Behavioral marketing, Financial planning performance, Personal life performance, Employee engagement, Employee-customer matching, Customer buying behavior

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