Servant Leadership

I have been in Corporate America now for almost 25 years and had the opportunity to work for several different types of companies-public/private, large/small.  Each has their own Pro’s and Con’s. However, when the dust settles, there are some companies that stand out and the reason is quite simple.  They adapted a pro-employee, Servant Leadership mentality. This environment is similar to the environment of companies from my parents generation where a trust was built among the corporation and the employee. When companies invest in their employees, realize that they are the worker bees, value the employee for their skill set and  treat the employee with respect as opposed to a disposable asset. When this happens, employees see a career, not just a job. I had not even heard of Servant Leadership until several years ago when a company I worked for had a guest speaker from the Greenleaf Center. I learned that when a company’s leaders invoke a servant philosophy with their employees, then everyone benefits/grows and profits soar.  The proverbial: A rising tide raises all boats.  If your company has not been meeting goals/objectives, it may be time to look at the leadership philosophy internally. Simple internal leadership changes from a company-first mentality to an employee-first mentality can make huge differences to your bottom line and employee satisfaction.

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