Early Preparation for 2016

It is never too early to start preparation and planning for 2016. It is common knowledge that if a company has not hit their sales targets by first quarter and definitely second quarter, then it is highly unlikely they will finish out the year above quota.  If this has happened to your company, then you must start preparing for 2016 now rather than waiting till year end.  Aligning your sales team, structuring your departments, setting quotas and goals are steps needed to take in order to be prepared for 2016. Assessing your sales team and understanding products, services, budgets and pricing is imperative in order to make the new year a banner year. Enlisting help in certain areas is a must. To those folks who have hit quota, this is the normal drill for you. However, as we all know, the industry is constantly changing and strategy/tactics also have to change.  Getting your management team and sales team on board early will ensure your success for 2016.


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